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Here are the key considerations when reviewing your insurance needs:

  • Disability Insurance. Does my employer have an income replacement plan if I get sick or injured and I can't work? Am I covered ... for what and for how long? Can I get disability coverage that I can afford? Should my spouse also have coverage?
  • Life Insurance. What is the best way to determine if I need life insurance? If I do need it, how much should I buy? What about my spouse and children? Should I buy the type that only pays a death benefit or one where my cash grows and is available to me? Does it make sense to get it through my employer?
  • Medical Insurance. How can I tell which type of medical plan is best for me? Should I choose coverage under my employer's plan or my spouse's plan? How can I keep my medical out-of-pocket expenses as low as possible?
  • Other Types of Insurance. How do I make the right coverage choices for automobile insurance coverage? What about homeowner's insurance? Do I need an umbrella policy? Should I consider purchasing Long-Term Care insurance?
  • Prioritizing Insurance Needs. What if I can't afford as much insurance as I need? How do I prioritize the different types of insurance?
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