What You Will Learn in this Section

Take some time to review this section. When you've done so, you will:

  • have a clear understanding of your financial situation;
  • have a good grasp of your spending patterns;
  • be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses in dealing with money;
  • have learned some helpful hints about saving money;
  • know what your goals are;
  • have learned how to reach those goals by making some simple changes;
  • know the legal alternatives available to you;
  • have learned about the different ways you can borrow money to pay off your debt;
  • know when you should—and when you should not—refinance your mortgage;
  • be able to make informed decisions about getting a home equity loan;
  • know what your options are when you need a loan to buy a car;
  • understand why, in most cases, loans from qualified retirement plans are not recommended; and
  • have a strategy in place for borrowing money, for whatever reason, that makes sense for you.
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