Selling Real Estate

The Closing

At the closing, documents will be signed and exchanged; money will pass to you, and title to the property will pass to the buyer. The buyer and his or her attorney, you and your attorney will all meet together at a pre-appointed time and place. All documents will be ready and prepared by the attorneys. You will be notified a day or two before the meeting of the items you need to bring with you. By this time the RESPA form has already been prepared so have your attorney send you a copy and review it before the closing.

Your lawyer will explain each document you are signing and why. Ask questions. This is an important and costly transaction. Don't be shy; it is your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are ready to close on your replacement home, first schedule to close on the home you presently own. If there's a glitch in your sale, you don't want to be saddled with two mortgages simultaneously. In addition, your new mortgage lender will probably not allow you to close on your new home if you're still indebted on the old one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to remind your attorney about items you've paid for, but will be leaving for the benefit of the purchasers. Examples include, prepaid taxes, sewer charges, heating oil left in your tank, etc. You should be reimbursed for these items at the closing.

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