Selling Real Estate

Sample Closing Costs for Items Paid by Seller

Closing costs around the country vary widely. Here are some of some of the items typically paid by the seller in conjunction with a home sale:

  • real estate commission
  • attorney's fees
  • filing fees
  • realty transfer taxes
  • prorated adjustments


The buyer's lender may require that the property be surveyed (unless an acceptable certified survey already exists). This service is performed to determine and verify the boundaries and measurement of the property, and to certify its accuracy. Payment is the responsibility of the buyer.

Who Pays for What

In connection with the final transfer of ownership of the home from you to the buyer, you'll attend the closing and settle up on all charges. The document which summarizes the transaction is called the HUD RESPA closing statement. Get a blank RESPA form from your attorney to give you an idea of what one looks like. At the closing, your attorney will explain, in detail, the components of the RESPA statement as it applies to you.

SUGGESTION: Keep a list of what you anticipate the costs will be; use it as a guide when reviewing your RESPA form, and inquire about any items that look out of line.

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