Insuring the Property

Comparison Insurance Shopping

It is quite common for two policies with equivalent coverage to vary in cost by several hundred dollars. Do a little shopping and save.

  1. See if a package plan will save you money. Perhaps you can insure your automobile with the same company.
  2. Get comparison quotes from three to four different agents.
  3. If an agent handles more than one company, get quotes from several different companies.
  4. Watch key points within each competing policy:
    • The deductible. Don't go lower than $250.
    • Your limits. See if you can increase your liability limits from $100,000 to $300,000.
    • How much will a floater cost if you need one?
    • Make sure the cheaper policy doesn't cover cash coverage versus replacement cost.
  5. Select a company rated AA+ by Standard and Poor's or A+ by A.M. Best, the two independent insurance rating agencies. Your agent can give you this information.
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